Welcome to the NACD’s new website. While we have a new look here we have tried to maintain much of the information that was on our previous website. Our online store is currently down. If you have any questions or suggestions please let us know. This is your website and your organization!


August 19th, 2015

The NACD is sending a request to membership, to have NACD members sit on a By-laws committee. All interested can apply through Membership chairmen and Operations manager orie.braun@nationalassociationforcavediving.org. Orie is the Membership chairmen and Operations manager.

The committee; we are hoping for should consist of no less then 7 NACD members in good standing with a minimum 2 being instructors, Minimum 2 members should be from outside Florida. example Canada Mexico and Europe and all meetings by whatever means of teleconferencing, e-mails, skype or combination there of to include at least one of the NACD Legal Advisers at all times. Minutes must be taken of each meeting. The legal advisers are just for the guidance of how our by-laws are impacted by state and federal laws.or as requested to assist by the committee. the committee will be chaired by one of the several persons. Orie Braun will select this person The inability to meet the composition of members for the by-law committee will be brought to the NACD BoD for a decision to alter the composition if required to meet this important need.

The By-law committee are being asked to review and comment on all NACD By-laws making recommendations of any needed amendments, additions or deletions. The By-law committee shall pay close attention to NACD organizational structure, BoD requirements,Compliance to Federal, State and IRS laws as to maintain the 501(c) status. Additionally where applicable to consider the by-laws as suitable to meet an international membership. By-laws having recommendations for amendment, addition or deletion must state the reason for such amendment, addition or deletion.

The NACD BoD and any person that may take office between now and the by-laws committees recommendations will be kept at arms length from this ad-hoc committee and shall not participate in the review process. The BoD will hear the committees recommendations before January 2016. A date and time will be announced and co-ordinated between the By-law committee and the BoD.

July 31st, 2015

The NACD is looking for volunteers. Many of you have probably noticed a lot of activity coming out of the NACD, We are rebuilding! We’ve been busy trying to keep the membership involved and make the organization more interactive. To be successful at this we need your help! This is your organization and in order to keep it that way we need you to be involved! Changes are expected, changes are needed and the those must come from the membership. The 47th Annual Seminar is fast approaching and volunteers are needed. We also need volunteers to help coordinate another river cleanup next spring, safety day to help re-line the many caves in need of new cave line. We are looking for representatives from Mexico, Europe, Australia and all locations where cave diving is a exciting activity. Volunteers for community outreach, presentations and a whole lot more. We have a few committees that have vacant chair positions and all of the committees could use more committee members. Finally, we are always looking for article submissions for the quarterly journal, tell us what is happening in your part of the world. Submit any articles you would like considered for printing to jeff.toorish@nationalassociationforcavediving.org.