Message from the President. January 12th, 2016

On the evening of January 9. 2016, NACD held its First Quarter 2016 Board of Directors Meeting.

During this meeting we welcomed two new members to the Board, voted in a new President and appointed new Officers and one vacant Director Position. Ron Aiello, is in an Instructor Director position. His term ends 12/31/2018. He was voted in as President. Konstantin Kovalenko, is in an Instructor Director position. His term ends 12/31/2018. He was voted in as Vice President. Christopher Corbett, is in a Director position. His term ends 12/31/2016. He was voted in as Secretary / Treasurer. Larry Green is in a Director position. His term ends 12/31/2017. He was appointed the International Training Director. Orie Braun is the NACD’s only paid and non-Director position. He was re-appointed as the Operations Manager. Lloyd Bailey was appointed to a Director position. His term ends 12/31/2018. This appointment filled the one vacant Director position. Directors At Large are Rick Murcar, who is in an Instructor Director position. His term ends 12/31/2017. Don Syme, is in an Instructor Director position. His term ends 12/31/2016.

We had a very productive meeting.  For the first time in over a year we have all of the director positions filled.  We also have a crew (Katey and Karisa Zukosky) working with us on the next journal.  Our goal is to have it in circulation before the next BOD meeting next April.  We discussed the bylaws in detail.  We have a few adjustments and clarifications to make before they will be completed to the Board of Directors satisfaction.  The public Website is now fully operational. I encourage all of you to log on and check it out. I think you will find it quite impressive. Log on to  We are already working on plans for the next seminar.  It's going to be on Oct 14 (social) and Oct 15 (Seminar), 2016 (the location TBD).  We are still working on a theme. We have a couple of very impressive speakers we are working on. As soon as I secure their commitments, I will post their names. This year, a goal of mine is to restore the Friday night social to what it was 10 years ago (for those of you who remember).  There will be a chili cook-off, door prizes and I’m confident that someone may donate a couple kegs of beer to this year’s social.  We plan on conducting events and drives to recover the membership.  It is very important for the NACD to recover the lost certification files that have occurred over the past several years.  Larry Green and I are working vigorously to catch up any past due registrations and replacement certification cards that have also occurred during the previous administration.  If you are one of those Instructors who have paid for student registrations to be processed and your students haven’t received certification cards or a certified diver that has paid for a replacement card and has not received it, please contact Mr. Larry Green at We will work diligently with you to resolve any and all issues we possibly can.  Another very important goal is to fill vacant committee seats as well as stimulate and re-activate all our Standing Committees. If you are interested in becoming part of the volunteer aspects of this organization please feel free to contact me at I feel honored to be able to serve you. Let’s all work together to make this organization great again.