Requirements for Submitting Articles to the NACD Journal


We are always looking for articles for the NACD Journal and would welcome your submission. Do you need be a NACD Member to submit an article?  Simply no you do not


We are looking for stories that interest the greater cave diving community.  While we cannot guarantee publication of any submitted article(s) in a specific NACD Journal issue, we do our best to have your article published as soon as possible.  Delays in published stories is often due to physical space and editorial decisions, we sometimes have to postpone printing an article until a later edition of the NACD Journal.


In addition, the NACD requires that submitted articles do not appear in other publications or on the internet appearing in chat boards, social media of any form before they appear in the NACD Journal, doing so may invalidate the article from re-publication in the NACD Journal.  Further, the NACD reserves the right to edit articles and photographs for content and space requirements.


We will do our best to advise the story’s author(s) and/or photographer(s) regarding any edits or changes prior to publication.  All authors and photographers will receive credit for their stories if published. .


Submission of articles MUST conform to the following specifications to be accepted for publication::


• Articles MUST be PC formatted in Microsoft Word . The only other files that are accepted are unformatted “ASCII” text files (.txt file) or submissions directly in an email.

• Files MUST be single line spaced with NO indenting or formatting of ANY type.

• A SINGLE blank line should separate paragraphs.

• DO NOT insert page breaks or manual page identifications.

• Pictures MUST use the following naming convention: storyname___picture_description___photographers_name.jpg

• DO NOT present files with the same names automatically supplied by your camera. We have dozen of photographs from dozens of writers and if they do not have a distinctive name, it is extremely difficult to keep track of which photo belongs with which story and to give proper photographic credit.

• Pictures should be approximately 1mb  in size or larger to be of sufficient resolution to go to our commercial printer (This is applicable if a printed edition of the NACD Journal will be issued).

• Photographs MUST be either yours or used with the permission of the photographer (you will have to provide a letter from the photographer clearly stating permission to use the photograph). We will  give proper photographic credits to the original photographer only..

• Acceptable picture formats are .tif, .eps, .psd, or .jpg.


Photographs relating to the article are very much encouraged and make articles more attractive for publication and interesting for our readers. The absence of photographs relating to the story does not mean the story/article will not be published, as not all articles require photographs or graphics.


Please contact  us via (  with any questions concerning picture quality or size requirements.


Thank you for your interest in the NACD Journal and we hope to be able to publish your article in an upcoming issue.   You may email large files and pictures to the following email address:  Please include “Article or Pictures for the NACD Journal” in the subject line along with your name and contact information.



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