Research and Exploration Funding Guide


The National Association for Cave Diving (NACD) plays a vital role in promoting the

understanding and protection of underwater caves around the world. In addition to its educational and training programs, the NACD strives to support exploration, research, and documentation of underwater caves. To this end, the NACD Board of Directors considers funding, on an annual basis, of qualified applicants in an attempt to offset the inhibiting cost of this essential process.


The NACD Board uses the following guidelines to evaluate applicants. In all situations the NACD board reserves the right, at any time, to adjust the criteria by which an applicant is evaluated. The following information is a guideline for completing the Funding Application and is considered the minimum information required for funding and/or project status. Once complete, the application is submitted to the exploration chairperson who acts as liaison between the

applicants’ project group and the NACD Board of Directors. The applicant may be required to provide the board with a formal presentation of the projects goals and expenditures. Any information made available to the board that exceeds these general guidelines will serve to assist the decision making process.


The guidelines are:


1. NACD Membership Representation - A majority of the group applying for an NACD grant must be NACD members.


2. Disclosure of Funds - The applicant agrees that all support issued by the NACD will be public record and available to all NACD members including publication on the website and/or the NACD Journal.


3. Benefits to the NACD - The applicant will demonstrate that the project provides a

measurable benefit to the NACD, as well as the cave community, and contributes to

increased understanding, appreciation, and conservation of underwater caves.


4. Team Qualifications - The applicant will state their teams’ qualifications for the work to be done on the project. In situations where research will include outside assistance, the applicant will list those individuals and/or groups.


5. Financial Expenditures - All funds distributed by the NACD will be used for

consumable items. Examples may include breathing gases, gasoline, meals, batteries, guideline, arrows, and other markers. A budget for the items likely to be consumed during the project’s duration must accompany the funding application. In addition, applicants should be prepared to submit an itemized list of expenditures at the end of the project or at regular intervals for multi-year projects. Funding will be decided on an individual basis, however the board may choose to release funds as reimbursement for expenses incurred during a project's existence.


6. Public Recognition of NACD Assistance - A public display of the project's results is considered favorable and this public recognition must include acknowledgment of the NACD for its role in the project's effort. Please list any medium by which the NACD should expect recognition.


7. Representation of the NACD - The applicant and the project members will represent the NACD favorably and public comments made about the NACD should engender a positive feeling regarding cave diving in general, and the NACD in particular.


8. Project Deliverables – List the tangible results of the project and those that will be made available to the NACD. Examples may include articles for the NACD Journal, presentations, reports, maps, images, and videos. Include estimated dates deliverables will be available. Greater consideration will be given to deliverables where the NACD retains rights to the products of the project's efforts.


9. Project Updates – Each year, the applicant may present their findings at the Annual NACD Workshop.


The NACD reserves the right to determine whether a full presentation is required, or just a short update. Additionally, the project applicant will provide an ‘exclusive’ written article to the NACD to be used in the NACD journal, or as the Board of Directors sees fit. All decisions regarding the disbursement of funds will be determined by a majority vote of the board members and will be final. The board reserves the right to adjust the amount and nature of the disbursement at any point during the project duration. The board also reserves the right to terminate support upon a majority vote of the board members. The application and supporting documentation must be submitted to the Research and Exploration Chair no later than January 1st to be considered for the following year's funding.


The Board will review project applications at the January board meeting and vote on the outcome at the April board meeting. Those projects approved will be funded within 30 days from the April board meeting. The NACD Board of Directors reserves the right to approve or decline project funding requests based on the on the current liquidity or solvency of the Research and Exploration Fund.


Questions and/or Applications should be submitted to:


Research, Exploration and Funding

PO Box 14492

Gainesville FL 32604


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